Michael Guilhaus Research Award

The 2017 Michael Guilhaus Research Award sponsored by Waters

Professor Michael Guilhaus was an innovative instrument designer who constructed, at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia, prototype orthogonal-acceleration time of flight mass spectrometers starting in the late 1980’s. This technological development, now widespread in commercial Quadrupole Time of Flight Instruments, was pioneered by Michael. In recognition of this, Michael was the inaugural recipient of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry (ANZSMS) Morrison Medal and was awarded the Curt Brunnée Award from the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation; the only Australian to be so-honoured.

A research award will be presented at the biennial conference of the ANZSMS in 2017, to an early career researcher who principally works in Australia or New Zealand. The award is designed to support innovative research in the field of mass spectrometry. To be considered for the Michael Guilhaus Research Award, a researcher must provide a detailed research proposal with supporting documentation and submit an abstract to present their research at the next ANZSMS conference. In memory of Michael’s passion for instrument development, preference may be given to projects that involve instrument development or modification, but any application that proposes original science in the field of mass spectrometry will be considered for the award.

Research Awards Objective

Promote instrumentation or other innovative mass spectrometry developments or research within Australia and New Zealand for an early career scientist. Provide funding to initiate/continue a research project described in the application.

Rules for the Award

Eligibility and Application Process
    1. The candidate must be an early career researcher (<10 years from award of PhD) who principally works in Australia or New Zealand
    2. Submit an abstract to the upcoming ANZSMS conference
    3. Submit:
      1. Research proposal (maximum two A4-pages, 12 point) including references, figures, budget, justification etc.
      2. List of current research support (maximum one A4-page, 12 point)
      3. Curriculum vitae, including publication list, and date of award of PhD (maximum 2 A4 pages, 12 point)

Applicants should collate documentation and submit this as one PDF, via email to the ANZSMS President, no later than the date abstracts close for the upcoming ANZSMS conference.

Selection Committee

Judging will be by the ANZSMS Executive Committee or esteemed panel chosen by the committee (4-6 members); and will usually include the convener of the next ANZSMS conference.

Frequency of the Award

The award is made every two years (subject to availability of funds).

Announcement and Presentation of the Award

The announcement and presentation of the award will be made at the biennial meeting of the ANZSMS. A representative from the financial sponsor for that year or ANZSMS President will usually present the award.


The Michael Guilhaus Research Award will include a certificate of recognition, and AUD$10,000 paid to the recipient’s University, which is to be used for the research project. In accepting this award, the institution will agree not to charge overhead on the funds.

Further Information

Contact the President of ANZSMS (president@anzsms.org).

Alex Donald