Currently Advertised Jobs in Mass Spectrometry

MS Technologist – The University of Auckland, New Zealand

We require an experienced technician to work full-time in our modern research facility at Grafton, Auckland.  The main function of this position is to operate our suite of three mass spectrometers (two triple quads and a Q-Exactive) and a sample preparation robot. The work will include the development of new methods across all platforms and the utilisation of existing ones in conjunction with our extensive post-graduate student cohort. A variety of sample extraction, separation and analysis techniques will be involved.

Instrument Customization Scientist – Syft Technologies Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand

Join our instrument customisation team in producing quality mass spectrometry instruments for our customers. Multiple roles available.

Production Engineer – Syft Technologies Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand

We are seeking several Production Engineers to join our team. Production Engineers spend the majority of time tuning our gas analysis instruments to ensure that the performance of each instrument meets the high standards of our customers.

Electronics Production Engineer – Syft Technologies Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand

We are currently seeking an Electronics Engineer to perform a unique role in our production team. The engineer will split their time between hands-on work assembling and testing our electronics modules while working to move the production of several of our electronics modules to external suppliers.

Head of Mechanical Engineering – Syft Technologies Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand

We are seeking an experienced mechanical engineering leader to join us at our head office in Christchurch. This newly created position will be the owner of the mechanical look, feel, and design of the instrument and its various subsystems.

Please ensure that you check the official job link for exact details regarding closing dates, application details and points of contact. If an advertisement no longer appears on this page, it implies that the closing date advised to ANZSMS has passed.

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